16 November 2018

Dear Patients,

We are happy announce a Very Special Offer to our valued cash patients. We know how much you care about your oral health and the negative impact unhealthy teeth and gums can have on you overall wellbeing. We also recognize paying for regular dental visits can sometimes be hard to fit in to your budget.  What’s even harder to fit in is that painful dental emergency because you’ve put off coming in.  (We’re seeing a lot of that lately…) Did you know that developing gum disease not only increases your risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes, but can cost up to 10X more than taking care of the problem early? Ouch!

We at DePaoli Dentistry want to help!

You can save 25% on your routine dental visits in the next year with pre-payment in full of your routine dental visits (cleanings/exam/X-rays). For one year you will receive 25% off!  In addition, you will also receive 25% off any necessary dental treatment and 15% off of Dental Implant Services. You can use the 25% discount on all services for one year from the date of purchase, including teeth whitening and bleaching gel refills.

If you are on a cleaning schedule of every six months, your savings will be:

  • 1 Set of check-up X-rays: $109.50 (value of $146.00)
  • 2 Exams: $40.00 (value of $132.00 / $66.00 per exam)
  • 2 Cleanings: $166.50 (value of $222.00)
  • 2 Fluoride treamtnets: $75.00 (value $116.00)
  • Total Cost: $391.00 (Actual value = $616.00)

Benefits of our Pre-Paid Discount program include:

  • No worries about payment at the time of your cleaning—just make an appointment.  Your routine cleaning, exams & X-rays are paid in advance for the next year!
  • 25% discount on all other services (implant services 15%) for one year from the date of purchase.
  • Avoid pain and expense by detecting problems early.
  • Compare to dental premiums which can cost you hundreds per year in addition to co-pays and a deductible, not to mention the loss of unused benefits that you paid for.

 Dr. DePaoli, how do I sign up?

Simply call the office at 714-278-4525 and let our friendly staff know that you want to take advantage of this great program. We can take your payment information and schedule your appointments over the phone.

Act now and schedule your appointment before the holidays!