Convenient Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Your teeth may become discolored, dull or stained for a variety of reasons. Our skilled dentist and team provide convenient, affordable teeth whitening to renew and brighten your smile. With our take-home whitening treatments, you can regain your brilliant, white smile in the comfort of your own home. Simply use your custom whitening trays as directed by Dr. DePaoli and watch your smile transform. Give us a call at 714-278-4525 to make an appointment!





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The Solution To a Bright Smile Dulled by:

    – Natural aging process
    – Flourosis
    – Drinks such as tea, wine, coffee and soda
    – Smoking and other tobacco use
    – Medications
    Convenient, affordable, high-quality take-home teeth whitening. Make an appointment with our dentist today!


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